3 Affordable Upgrades That Can Make Your Facility Shine

3 Affordable Upgrades That Can Make Your Facility Shine

In today’s larger-than-life business sphere, quite a bit of importance is placed on the big renovations—the new rooms, the new buildings, etcetera. But don’t discount the importance of smaller changes, as they can have quite the impact on the way your business does things, too!

Even if your budget is currently tight, there are plenty of details you can put into play in the form of upgrades that give your business the boost it needs to compete.

The Firm Facility Services, your comprehensive and nationwide facility maintenance pros, has a few ideas for you below.

Nothing’s Better Than a Fresh Coat of Color

And that’s true in terms of your facility too, so why not hire a crew of commercial painters to spruce up the joint? Chips and sun-fading make for a dull, uninspiring atmosphere, and that’s no way to present your company and brand to clients. Plus, your employees deserve a bright and vibrant space to work.

The Firm is a proud nationwide provider of commercial painting services the whole nation over, and we’ll stop at nothing to get you the quality results you deserve. Whether it’s a new splash of sunshine yellow to brighten up your lobby or just a few touch-ups for some chipped paint, you can expect nothing less than the best from us.

New Commercial Flooring Is Fantastic

Stately hardwoods or cushy carpets can really complete a room’s decor, and when that room is the space you welcome customers or hold B2B meetings, it always needs that image boost. Commercial flooring installation can revolutionize the way a space looks for a relatively small amount of money, making it a great upgrade for the business on a budget.

The Firm runs the gamut when it comes to types of flooring installed: tile, laminate, hardwood, and carpet. Whenever you need new flooring laid, you know exactly who to call.

Think About a Trim Touchup

Your trim is the stuff that surrounds your doors and potentially borders your flooring. Aside from functional purposes, it serves as a stark, clean outline to these important fixtures, accentuating them. If that outline is snapped or out-of-style, no doubt the fumble will be obvious to clientele, workers, and visiting businesses alike.

Don’t let those who matter to your bottom line see your business as inept; an affordable touchup from The Firm can ensure that even the tiniest details are in place.

The Firm: Here For Your Facility’s Success

We offer all the nationwide maintenance services and janitorial services your business needs to be at its best—always. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 1-833-347-6411.

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