Commercial Window Washing

  • National Multi-Facility Commercial Cleaning Provider
  • Part of a Custom, Turn-Key Facility Maintenance Plan
  • On-Demand, Recurring, & Emergency Window Washing
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First appearances matter, and The Firm Facility Services ensures your guests are impressed with what they see. With our nationwide network and turn-key facility maintenance plans, all of your glass surfaces at all of your facilities can be streak-free and spotless – consistently and simultaneously!

As part of our all-encompassing maintenance and cleaning services, The Firm offers interior and exterior window cleaning services for multi-facility industries.

Commercial building with clean windows.

Why Choose The Firm for Commercial Window Cleaning?

When you request our window cleaning services for your commercial business, we will use the highest quality tools and techniques to ensure your windows shine. With our nationwide service, we can come to any location to take care of your windows.

Our team uses the best tools to ensure there are no streaks or marks on your windows:

  • High-quality microfiber rags
  • State-of-the-art squeegees
  • High-performance scrubbers
Interior Window Washing

Sometimes, interior windows are easier to maintain than exterior windows because there are not as many safety measures that need to be taken into account. There are fewer dangers, such as heights. Still, DIY window washing methods simply can’t compare to a professional’s touch!

For both interior and exterior window cleaning, The Firm’s team will work in a manner that prevents water spots and streaks from forming on the glass. We clean from top to bottom by using high-quality squeegees and scrubbers to remove grime from the windows.

After the water comes to rest at the bottom of the windows, we use state-of-the-art microfiber rags to remove the residue.

Exterior Window Washing

The Firm is licensed and certified to handle almost every exterior window cleaning project. Depending on the type of building your business is located in, we will arrive at your facility to set up our safety gear for the project.

Each of our team members is experienced and will safely clean the windows of your commercial building. We follow the standards of OSHA and all other governing bodies to keep our employees and everyone in the area safe.

Our Guarantee

When we opened for business, we decided our team would be more dedicated to your needs than any other company. We arrive at every job in company uniforms as a display of professionalism and unity.

We know giving a group of people the keys to your business can be nerve-wracking, but our team is trustworthy and reputable. With our all-encompassing services, you only have to give your keys to one business instead of multiple. We can service each of your needs and will do so with the utmost professionalism and ease.

Because of our dedication to you, we guarantee our services. We will ensure they are exactly what you requested, and that you are satisfied before continuing with another project.

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"Keep up the excellent work.
I can't say enough
about the cleaning service."

- Jack F.

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