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At The Firm, our team of licensed professionals can install and design a variety of electrical projects for your commercial business’s needs. Whether you require simple or extremely detailed electrical work done, our nationwide team can come to your location to find the best solution for your. Our commitment to each of your needs is our driving force, and we will do what we can to ensure your commercial facility looks and operates the way you need.

Our team has years of experience and is certified to develop the electrical plan at your facility in a safe manner that follows all government protocols. Here, our experts at The Firm Facility Services will discuss our electrical design and installation capabilities and how they can help you.

Commercial Electrician Services

Similar to our other cleaning and maintenance services, we offer our electrical services for a variety of businesses, such as factories, hospitality facilities, healthcare facilities, and many more. Additionally, our team can design your electrical layout so it meets every standard, which includes LEED certification. In recent years, many businesses have been looking for ways to operate a more efficient facility, and turning to professionals who are capable of installing eco-friendly designs. Here are some of our team’s electrical design capabilities:

Routine Maintenance

No matter if you need a completely new electrical design, or you need routine maintenance work, we can help. At The Firm, we take pride in being an all-encompassing service provider that protects you from having to hire out to multiple agencies to complete a number of jobs. With our help, you can save money and time when searching for a reputable maintenance and cleaning service. If something is not working at your facility, contact our team, and we will come to your building to troubleshoot and repair the issue.

Design and Build

If your facility is under construction or you are starting a new business from scratch, our electricians can help you design and build your electrical system. If you choose not to invest in a solid electrical design, you are putting yourself and your employees at risk, and you will probably end up spending more on repairs in the future. Here are some of our design and construction capabilities:

  • Design the electrical plan from scratch
  • Contribute or advise on a design in progress
  • Build and test your electrical design
  • Adjust the plan as needed
  • Install your electrical design
  • Test the installation
  • Provide additional support and maintenance in the future

To learn more about the design, construction, and installation capabilities of our team, contact us today.

Types Of Electrical Systems We Design

Our team can design a variety of electrical systems, which vary in complexity and more. Here are some of the most common systems we design:

  • Temperature/Air Flow Systems
  • New Branch Of A System After A Remodel Or Addition
  • Fire And Gas Detecting Systems
  • And more

To learn more about the many types of electrical systems we can design and install, contact our team today.

Our Guarantee

At The Firm, our dedication to our customers is our driving force in everything we do. We understand that first appearances matter to attain and maintain new customers. When you choose our team for your needs, we will sit down with you to learn exactly what you are looking for in your commercial electric needs. From there, we will create a plan to help you achieve these goals. Unlike other companies, if you are not satisfied, we will remedy the project. Our customer guarantee is our primary commitment, and we will do everything we can for you.

Contact The Firm Facility Services Today

If you are searching for a team of commercial electricians to help you install or design an electrical design at your commercial business, contact our team at The Firm today. Each of our team members is licensed and certified to help you with your project, and will do so in a professional, efficient manner.

Since opening for business in 2016, we have helped countless customers improve the looks of their commercial business. To learn more about our services or to request a quote from The Firm, give us a call at 1-833-347-6411 or message us on our contact page today.