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Our licensed, experienced contractors at The Firm Facility Services can install all four major types of flooring at your commercial business. With the help of our expert team, we can ensure your commercial flooring installation goes smoothly and turns out the way you envisioned.

Since we opened for business, our all-encompassing services have solidified themselves and created a strong reputation. In addition to flooring, we also can provide commercial painting, handyman services, and more. Here, our team will discuss our commercial flooring services.

Types of Commercial Flooring

At The Firm Facility Services, we primarily offer four types of flooring installation, which are, in fact, the most common materials used in our industry. From years of experience, we have perfected our installation process. Each of our team members is licensed and certified to install a variety of flooring types and will do so quickly and efficiently. Here are the four main types of flooring we install:


Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market. In order to get the best outcome, you should either consult or hire a professional for your commercial flooring project. Hardwood flooring is typically easier to install than most other flooring types because you primarily need common tools with only a handful of advanced tools; therefore, it’s best to let a professional hardwood flooring installer handle the installation. When our team comes to your commercial business to install your hardwood floors, we will follow a set process to ensure you get the look you want for your business.

  • Measure and prepare the boards for installation
  • Install the first board, then the first row, and so on
  • Lay the remainder of the boards, while varying shades and board lengths
  • Nail the remaining boards
  • Straighten boards if necessary
  • Cut cut board pieces for room corners
  • Install the trim to finish the project

Commercial tile flooring is slightly more difficult to install than hardwood flooring; therefore, you should hire a professional before attempting to install the flooring yourself. At The Firm, we follow a fairly standard process when installing your tile flooring. Here is our tile flooring installation process:

  • Lay out the tiles in advance to ensure they fit
  • Clean and treat the floor base’s surface
  • Mix and and apply the adhesive onto the floor
  • Set the tiles after they’re properly cut
  • Apply grout after the tile adhesive has had time to properly dry

To learn more about our tiling process and how we can help your facility get the look you desire, contact us today.


Like any other flooring type, you shouldn’t install laminate flooring without the direction of a commercial flooring contractor. It’s best to let professionals, such as ours at The Firm, install your flooring. Our team will ensure your flooring is properly installed, so your commercial business achieves the look you envision.

We know that first appearances matter in attracting and maintaining customers. One of the first things any person will notice when they walk into your facility is the flooring. If your laminate flooring is not properly installed, it may be difficult to attract new customers. For that reason, we follow a set process when installing laminate flooring.

  • Clean the floor base’s surface thoroughly
  • Measure and cut laminate pieces
  • Install the underlying layer
  • Install each piece of laminate for the perfect fit

Installing carpet is another easy way to enhance the appearance of your business. While carpet can be easy to install with experience, you should still consult a carpet installation professional. By doing this, you can ensure your flooring represents the look you envisioned for your facility. Here, our team at The Firm follows a set process for carpet installation:

  • Line up the carpet pad
  • Measure the room and cut the carpet to the necessary specifications
  • Attach the carpet to the longest and shortest walls
  • Stretch the carpet across the room
  • Nail the carpet down before cutting extra material
  • Apply molding or trim, if applicable

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If you are searching for a team of flooring installation professionals to help you enhance the appearance of your commercial business, contact our team at The Firm today. We offer nationwide services and will send a team to your location to help you solve your commercial maintenance and cleaning needs. We know that first appearances matter to your customers, and we will help you get the look you imagined.

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