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Turn Key Retail Services

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Retail store with clean floors.

Retail Industry

At The Firm Facility Services, we primarily serve large, commercial businesses. However, we are available for smaller businesses, as well. Some of the largest retail businesses we serve include well known big-box retailers.

With our retail logistics services, we clearly communicate with your procurement team to ensure everything you need is properly delivered. Additionally, we can provide:

  • Millwork & Carpentry Services
  • Floor Installation Services
  • Fixture Installation
  • Store Setup
  • Re-branding Services

If you want Day Porters, our team can be on site throughout the day to clean and maintain your facility. Additionally, we can come in before or after hours to complete these services. However, our retail maintenance services are not limited to just grocery and convenience stores. We can serve any retail provider, and we currently serve the largest electronics retailer in the country. To learn more about our retail maintenance services, contact our team today. In addition to retail maintenance services,we also provide help with your retail logistics, installation, and repair needs.

Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Hiring professional cleaning services to cater to your commercial business’s needs is a great way to improve the appearance of your business, as well as ensure the health and productivity of your employees and customers. It is crucial to invest in the well-being of your building. By doing this, you save time and money in repair costs through the years, and you also secure the health and safety of everyone who comes through your doors.

At The Firm Facility Services, our team of nationwide professionals can provide all-encompassing maintenance solutions for your needs. For each industry we serve, we offer the following services:

We also offer Day Porters if you require someone to constantly maintain your facility throughout the day. Or, our janitorial services can arrive after hours and maintain the building at all times. Whatever you choose, our team will help you attain your goals.

Industries We Serve

In addition to the Retail industry, we offer all-inclusive cleaning and maintenance services for the industries listed below.

Commercial Real Estate/Office Buildings

Maintaining your office space is crucial to the atmosphere within your company. If you sport a messy office area, it may cause a negative effect on your employees. If they believe you don’t value the office staff enough to provide them with a nice working environment, they may not work as hard as they could, which could negatively impact your business. Our office building cleaning services are proven to improve your facility.

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Financial Institutions

Our team at The Firm can also arrive before or after hours to clean or repair areas of your financial institution, whether you operate a bank, credit union, or financial advisory.

Healthcare & Senior Living

One of the most important industries we provide maintenance for is the healthcare and senior living facilities. Maintaining clean facilities reduces health issues by getting rid of harmful dirt, bacteria, and more. Our all-encompassing services are proven to help you maintain efficiency and resident health.

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If you don’t invest in proper hotel cleaning services, you are likely to lose business. No one wants to stay in a dirty, broken down hotel or resort. You should contact our team at The Firm to provide full cleaning services, as well as maintenance services.

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As you know, construction is a naturally messy business that requires constant cleanup and other maintenance services. For this reason, it’s crucial to the safety of your team that you properly invest in maintenance and cleaning services. Our post-construction services are second to none, and we know you will be satisfied with our work.


Like the construction industry, the manufacturing industry naturally produces messes, which can be dangerous if they are not properly maintained.


We service a variety of transportation ports, which allows these stations to maintain safety and attract new customers. We frequently maintain the ports of several large bus companies, as well as other transportation areas.


In order to attract new tenants, you need to constantly update and maintain your facilities. Without proper maintenance, it can be difficult to attain and attract tenants.

Educational Facilities

In addition to providing work for several businesses, we also offer school cleaning services. Like our retail services, we can thoroughly clean the carpets, floors, and windows in your facility, as well as repair electrical work, and more.

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Our offices are in Minneapolis and Phoenix and we have the ability to work nation-wide. If you are searching for a reputable team to improve the appearance of your facility, contact our team at The Firm today. With our all-in-one service, we are able to provide every maintenance need you may have, which saves you time and money when searching for a company. You do not have to hire more than one team to do the job for you.

To learn more about our services or to request a quote, give us a call at 1-833-347-6411 or message us on our contact page.