Multi-Facility HVAC Services

  • All-Inclusive Solution for Multi-Facility HVAC
  • On-Demand, Recurring, & Emergency Services
  • Available as Part of a Turn-Key Facility Maintenance Plan
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Facilities around the US rely on smooth-running HVAC systems to maintain comfort for building occupants, and mechanical issues quickly bring on frustration and complaints. Get comprehensive, nationwide HVAC repair services from The Firm Facility Services!

No matter where your facilities are located, The Firm makes it easy to manage each location with only one phone call. We offer an extensive network of HVAC technicians nationwide, from coast to coast.

The Firm’s HVAC Services

Our HVAC services include repair, total replacement, and regular maintenance to keep your equipment and systems running smoothly. Our teams can handle anything from furnaces and air conditioners to rooftop systems, split systems, air handlers, and anything in between.

Read our reviews and keep your facility’s HVAC in shape with The Firm’s HVAC services!

On-Demand HVAC Maintenance Plans

Need reliable and reputable HVAC services? Join The Firm’s on-demand services program and tailor an HVAC maintenance program to your facilities’ needs! With a single phone call, The Firm will dispatch a technician to your facility to address non-emergency HVAC problems.

Some on-demand (non-emergency) HVAC problems may include:

  • The system is making screeching or other strange noises
  • The air temperature doesn’t match the thermostat temperature
  • A complete lack of warm or cool airflow
  • Failure due to power outages
  • Ductwork and air filter cleaning
Recurring HVAC Services

Your HVAC systems need regular service at least twice a year to prepare for varying weather temperatures. Schedule recurring services and The Firm will customize an HVAC maintenance program to your needs, including filter changes, tune-ups, and regular maintenance procedures.

Schedule recurring services with The Firm, and leave the coordination and scheduling of HVAC technicians to us!

Emergency HVAC Services

Included in your on-demand services program are emergency HVAC services. Your facilities have 24/7 access to HVAC services with a 4-hour response time. Save time and money by relying on The Firm for emergencies.

Emergency HVAC problems might include:

  • No A/C on a scorching day or no heat on a freezing cold day
  • Leaks, particularly refrigerant leaks
  • Burning or other suspicious smells
  • Crackling or sizzling sounds
Our Process

The Firm offers custom facility maintenance plans. Reach out today to get started on two important steps:

  • Discovery: A consultation to establish clear requirements and expectations. Taking the time to discuss your specific needs ensures a successful partnership.
  • Site Surveys & Audits: Through accurate and thorough site surveys and audits, we are able to customize a cost-effective and efficient facility maintenance plan tailored to your industry.
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