What Are the Benefits of Janitorial Services?

What Are the Benefits of Janitorial Services?

In today’s economy, many businesses are trimming the fat and saving money where they can. We get it! It’s tough balancing your economic needs with the satisfaction of your workers and customers. However, we also get that this “buckle down” mentality can actively discourage companies everywhere from investing in valuable janitorial services and facility maintenance firms. Of course, that’s a problem; improper sanitation is no doubt an issue. However, going beyond the bare minimum sanitation codes and considering professional commercial janitorial services can be a wise investment, from both a PR and employee-satisfaction standpoint.

In the commercial and corporate world, appearance does matter. There’s a reason that many firms enforce dress codes, and a reason why polished professionalism is so prized in the workplace. Proper commercial cleaning services and the like help enforce this air, which causes a ripple effect among customers and staff alike that can directly boost your bottom line.

Intrigued? The Firm, a multi-specialized and nationwide facility maintenance company, explains the benefits of janitorial services and the consequential enforcement of professionalism below.

Commercial Janitorial Services and You: How a Clean Business Can Affect Its Workers

We’ve all heard the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness.” While The Firm doesn’t pretend to offer any sort of supernatural services, we do know the effect a clean working environment has on those who must function in it. Of course, we all are familiar with the anxiety and drop in productivity a cluttered work desk can cause, but what can an unclean environment do on a systematic level? In other words, what message does a dirty workplace send to employees, and how might the lackluster physical environment affect workplace culture?

In theory, a poorly maintained office space can:

Send the message that laziness is acceptable. It’s a lot harder to be lazy and leave a mess around when your house is clean versus when it’s dirty. You might think it’ll be more obvious and that a family member will call you out on it. Why shouldn’t this mentality apply to your firm’s space? A clean environment inspires employees to remain accountable for their actions and mistakes; it can encourage a culture of transparency and responsibility—an attitude that can easily transfer off onto actual working tasks.

Cause employees to dislike their jobs. While different people have different tolerance levels for dirty surroundings, nobody particularly enjoys working in filth. As a business, you owe your employees, at the very least, a comfortable workspace. It’s simply unfair to ask anyone to perform at their best when the environment smells or is otherwise poorly maintained. If this is what is asked of your employees, they can quickly come to resent their jobs! Hiring a commercial janitorial service is one of the best ways to not only ensure that employees remain content, but that they receive the mood boost that only a cleanly firm can give.

Quickly snowball into a safety hazard. Bacteria multiplies, and mold seemingly does the same thing. Unclean environments, if not nipped in the bud and properly maintained day in and day out, can quickly turn into a health code violation and land your company in legal hot water—talk about unprofessional! Moreover, health codes are in place for a reason; they protect workers and ensure their well-being. If your workers become ill as a direct result of their working conditions, you can be sure they won’t be giving it their all at their jobs! Hiring a commercial janitorial firm is one of the best ways to protect both your company and your workers from the PR and health disasters a dirty workspace can cause.

Commercial Janitorial Services and Your Customers: Working to Boost your Bottom Line

If that wasn’t enough, commercial janitorial services also can have a direct impact on your business and your brand’s image, which directly affects how customers feel about your products and or services. Commercial janitorial services, when it comes to business/customer interaction, can help your business:

Create the right first impression. As much as some people don’t like to admit it, first impressions matter. When a customer walks into a store, a lack of cleanliness is one of the first things they notice; it overtakes any greeting operation a facility has put into place. Hire a commercial janitorial firm to ensure your efforts to make a great first impression can land.

Elevate public opinion of your facility. Remember how we said cleanliness is next to godliness? It’s also next to public approval of your firm. It’s a bit hard to build a good relationship with customers if all they see is dust motes when they walk into your store!

Keep customers coming back. A clean store enables your company to create a positive shopping experience for your customers, one that keeps them coming back. After all, nobody will willingly reenter dirty surroundings.

It’s beyond clear: commercial janitorial services create a productive environment for your workers and a pleasant one for your customers. If you’re looking to maximize these benefits by hiring the best in cleaning services, contact The Firm today; our large national presence enables us to work with businesses all across the US. Give us a call at 1-833-347-6411.

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