All About The Firm’s Handyman Services for Hotels

All About The Firm’s Handyman Services for Hotels

Hotels are busy, buzzing hives of activity. From the front desk downstairs to your hardworking janitorial services to the hum of the dining room during a convention, something’s always going on. And by proxy, it’s an unfortunate reality that something can always go wrong.

Broken pipes. Stubborn stains. A busted door. Even everyday whoopsies on the part of your guests can leave your staff scrambling. Scramble no more, though with help from The Firm! Our nationwide handyman services are guaranteed to lift a load off your back. Read on to learn more about what one of our top-notch commercial handymen can do for your establishment.

Forget About the Hassles of Furniture Assembly

When you’ve got a hotel, furniture assembly is par for the course, especially if you’re planning on expanding. Every room has to have the same, top-notch pieces in it, after all, but no matter how many times your staff puts them together, they still can remain puzzling.

We’re here to help. Our well-trained, customer-focused team of handymen are ready to step in and handle even the most complicated of projects, leaving your own staff to do what they do best: care for your guests.

Put Away Your Plumbing Worries

Guests expect not only sanitary bathrooms—they must be sparkling, too. But when plumbing fixtures don’t work as they should, your hotel’s bathrooms are subject to water stains and even potential wall and flooring damage, should a leak be left to linger. Moreover, you’re also playing a dangerous game when it comes to potential mold growth.

Indeed, plumbing can cause quite a few worries for even the most organized hotel management staff, so let The Firm shoulder the burden. Our handymen are always at the ready to restore your guests’ bathrooms to working order, giving cash back to your bottom line.

Our Facility Management Team Offers Superior Stain Removal

Is your standard vacuuming not quite cutting it? Is there a mysterious mark on the side of your building that you just can’t get rid of? The Firm’s got you covered. We’re pros at getting all sorts of stains out of all sorts of things—walls, carpets, exteriors, you name it. Don’t let persistent smudges or sludge-marks ruin your day; just drop us a line and we’ll show up for you, always.

Contact The Firm for Top-Notch Commercial Handyman Services

Interested in working with a nationwide-caliber team of handymen? Our commercial cleaning and maintenance services are only a phone call away. Reach our Minneapolis office now at 1-833-347-6411.

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