On Demand Services

On-Demand Facility Management Services

  • Full-Service Facility Maintenance & Cleaning
  • On-Demand Services Tailored to Your Business
  • Competitive Pricing & Nationwide Reach

The Firm Facility Services transforms how single and multi-site businesses manage facility maintenance. We work directly with corporate and individual site-level partners to optimize your facility’s operations and achieve key business goals.

Get comprehensive, on-demand facility management tailored to your business needs! Our On-Demand Facility Services program reduces wait time for high-priority and urgent repairs, including emergency services.

A commercial building in the process of being built.

What Are On-Demand Facility Services?

Eliminate the task of searching for an available handyman when something breaks! By signing up for our On-Demand Facility Services program, your business will be covered 24/7 for any urgent or emergency repairs.

How Does the On-Demand Services Program Work?

With repair services on-demand, your business will no longer feel the stress of finding someone to fix an overflowing toilet or a broken light fixture. When enrolled in The Firm’s On-Demand Facility Services program, you have prompt access to a handyman or specialized technician.

When something breaks, a quick phone call ensures that a technician arrives on-site in a four-hour window to assess and repair the problem.

What happens when you need to get rid of construction dust , sanitize , or fix a bathroom plumbing issue after regular working hours? Your business receives 24/7 maintenance coverage as an On-Demand Facility Services customer!

As an On-Demand Facility Services customer, you can count on our team for a full range of services. Get started today!

On-Demand Repairs | Break-Fix Services

Have someone on-call when you need a fast repair! From everyday handyman tasks to electrical and plumbing, The Firm can handle all your break-fix services in a pinch.

Scheduled | Recurring Services

Proactive facility maintenance is the best way to save money and time. The Firm Facility Services is focused on efficiently providing multiple services to clients without compromising quality and consistency. Our team performs a site survey and provides a customized program for preventative and recurring services as part of the On-Demand Facility Services program.

Preventative maintenance programs are the best way to reduce problems with equipment, such as water heaters and HVAC systems. For example, quarterly HVAC system inspections can reduce the time it takes to switch between summer and winter heating/cooling systems. Regular filter replacements can also improve employees’ health by removing dust and contaminants from the air.

The Firm can also keep your business OSHA compliant. OSHA regulations must be adhered to to ensure the employees’ safety while working. Rather than taking a reactive approach to issues, recurring facility inspections and services can prevent any problems from arising. In addition, regular safety inspections should be performed, such as checking exit signs and fire extinguishers for proper operation.

Emergency Services

Enrollment in The Firm’s On-Demand Facility Services means your business has 24/7 access to all provided services within a 4-hour response time. Things like broken pipes or overflowing toilets can be addressed quickly without needing to call different technicians to see who is available.

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

As part of The Firm’s On-Demand Facility Services program, your business will have access to prompt cleaning and disinfection services. This is especially important during high-sickness seasons to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.

The Firm uses a multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant for deep cleaning and disinfecting that has demonstrated the ability to kill 99.999% of germs, killing Norovirus in 45 seconds. It is also effective against emerging viral pathogens and has a fresh and pleasant scent.

Our Guarantee

While other companies offer similar on-demand services, The Firm excels at providing all-encompassing service and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to each client’s needs is our driving force.

We continually go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality facility services. First appearances are crucial to attracting and maintaining customers, and our on-demand services are guaranteed to improve your facility’s operation.

Request a Site Survey From The Firm Today

The Firm is dedicated to improving the quality of your facility maintenance program. Since opening for business in 2016, our team has focused on providing all-encompassing services for each client, tailored to their needs.

To learn more about our on-demand facility services program and schedule a site survey, call us at 1-833-347-6411 or message us on our contact page today.