Four Benefits of The Firm’s Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Four Benefits of The Firm’s Post-Construction Cleaning Services

If your business has recently undergone renovations, you might be surprised to find that the work doesn’t end after the walls go up and the roof goes on. Construction is a messy job, and when the crew leaves the premises after a day of work or for the last time, the given room may not be in any shape to welcome customers, or even to set up furniture. If the job is ongoing, debris can spill out into areas your employees or customers use, creating a disheveled image that harms your business’s reputation.

Even smaller scale handyman jobs, like commercial flooring installation or basic commercial carpentry, can leave dust and debris in places you’d never think they could. You’re happy with your purchase, the construction crew did great work, and you’re excited to make the space a part of your business. But what’s to be done about this unexpected mess?

That’s where the post-construction cleaning team at The Firm Facility Services comes into play. Our company’s nationwide network of top-notch facility maintenance professionals includes team members who specialize in post-construction cleanup. We’re the perfect company to tackle any extra to-do’s that might follow your new additions – and to help your business shine in the process!

What’s Included in The Firm’s Construction Cleaning?

You might look at your new renovation and feel a bit bleak. There’s so much to clean up, even with in-progress projects. How can even the most dedicated of teams get the job done, and how can any extra good come out of a simple cleaning job, aside from a space that’s ready for customers?

We'll get to that second question in a minute. But first, it might be helpful to understand what’s included in The Firm Facility Services post-construction cleaning services. You’ll understand just how we’re able to handle even the messiest of tasks and your mind will be put at ease.

Our commercial cleaning services for post-construction purposes include:

●        A detailed and multifaceted cleaning of the room, from top to bottom to the outside. We powerwash, dust, remove plastic coverings, and rid the room of every smudge. By approaching cleaning your new space or project from multiple angles, we make getting back to business as usual a cinch.

●        A commitment to excellence. It’s what enables us to provide you with the thorough cleaning we discussed above. When you hire a team that’s as committed to quality in their craft as your business is, you reap the benefits of a job well done.

●        A multipurpose provider of facility maintenance help. Your needs may spill out to encompass more than what a typical post-construction cleaning company can provide, but we’re more than a post-construction cleaning company. With services ranging from commercial painting to commercial handyman work, you know that when you partner with us, all of your post-construction needs and more will be met.

The Firm Facility Services is committed to your business and it’s success, in addition to our versatility and thorough work, make us an ideal solution for your business’s post-construction cleaning problem. In fact, our comprehensive construction cleaning process leaves you with a lot more than a sparkling-clean space.

Benefits of The Firm Facility Services Post-Construction Cleaning Process

Satisfied Customers

Regardless of if your project is ongoing or not, your customers deserve a clean, sanitary space to shop in. Though it may not be business as usual for you with renovations going on, they expect your store to provide the same level of service they’ve come to know and trust. Because The Firm is committed to your business’s ongoing performance, your clients will be able to shop the same way they used to: comfortably and safely.

Quick Return to Normalcy

While most customers will understand a bit of disturbance if your business is undergoing renovations, it’s certainly inconvenient to deal with on their end. Employees, too, might face logistical hindrances as a result of renovations and can long for their work environment to go back to normal. Working with The Firm Facility Services and taking advantage of our comprehensive help allows you to give customers and employees alike the luxury of a swift return to the consistent business they know—quite the luxury in these inconsistent times!

Stress-Free Renovation Experience

Renovations should be exciting, fun, and something to look forward to, but they can be major headaches if your cleanup is handled by an incompetent team. Luckily, with The Firm’s commitment to quality and meeting your needs, you can be free to enjoy and celebrate your renovation for the  inspiring thing it should be.

Contact The Firm Facility Services to Book Post-Construction Cleanup in Your Area

Renovations are a huge stride forward, and you deserve that stride to be as positive as possible from start to finish. Our huge team of talented professionals is excited to help with such a monumental step for your business. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 1-833-347-6411.

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