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Twin Cities Commercial Remodeling Services

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A commercial building in the process of being built.

We’ve all been there: You take a good, hard, look at your business’ infrastructure and come to terms with the fact that it’s not quite up to par. Perhaps it’s behind the times, no longer functions as it should, or you’re just ready for a new look. No matter your reason for considering commercial remodeling, The Firm Facility Services is here to help.

Along with turn-key facility maintenance and commercial cleaning expertise, we provide commercial remodeling services. From drywall to post-construction cleaning, if you have a commercial remodeling project The Firm is your solution. Our company’s wide range of skills, talented and highly experienced staff and customer-focused methods make us your ideal partner for all things commercial remodeling.

On top of our versatile skill set, we’re also a company with a nationwide reach. No matter where you are in the United States, our commercial remodeling services will come to you. Avoid the stress that comes with constantly vetting new companies and go with one partner that can satisfy all of your facility’s needs. Contact us today for a free quote!

The Firm’s Commercial Remodeling Services

The Firm is proud to provide a variety of commercial remodeling services, including:

  • Flooring – Considering a new look for your commercial floors? Don’t risk poor installation by unqualified installers. The Firm installs a variety of flooring, including carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, ceramic, and stone.
  • Carpentry – Need help with build outs? Our team can provide virtually any carpentry service you may require. Each of our contractors is licensed and certified to properly complete any project.
  • Lighting – Yes, this includes retrofitting old lightning technology to new LED technology. Our team of licensed professionals can design and install a variety of lighting projects.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning – We’re also more than willing to clean up after another company’s construction work. Maintaining your facility during a construction project can be difficult, but with the help of our team, we can help you keep the area clean.
  • Painting – We understand that first appearances matter when attempting to attain and maintain new and current customers and employees. Our painters are trained and certified to handle interior and exterior painting, as well as floor coating.

Additional remodeling services include drywall, suspended ceilings, and fixture or signage installations. The Firm is truly your one-stop-shop for anything pertaining to commercial remodeling, and will be a valued partner in your business’s success.

Start Your Partnership with The Firm Today

With The Firm and your company working in close tandem on your commercial remodeling project, your facility is sure to shine above its competition. As a nationwide company, we are where you need us to be! We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and find commercial remodeling solutions that work for you. Give us a call now toll-free at 833-347-6411.