Protect Workers With Multi-Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Protect Workers With Multi-Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Services


Viruses aren’t the only things that can make employees sick; There are year-round health hazards that all businesses have to worry about, lest their employees need to take sick days to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.

As an ethical and caring employer, you want to keep your workers as healthy as possible, not only during cold and flu season but all year long. But with tight deadlines and stressful working conditions, how do you make sure everything is properly cleaned and sanitized?

That’s where The Firm Facility Services, your nationwide provider of commercial cleaning services and janitorial services, comes in!

Learn how proper office sanitation can help keep your workers safe from illness, as well as how our services facilitate office cleanliness.

Commercial Environments Must Be Safe, Clean, & Sanitized

Aside from keeping commercial facilities running strong and providing such services as flooring installation and electrical work, we also provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services. In short, we know how to keep countless types of businesses everywhere as clean as a whistle, and we also know why this is so important!

Clean surroundings are more than simply an aesthetic concern. Hiring a professional cleaning company to keep up with your business’s sanitation needs can help mitigate damages from harmful elements and prevent the stress of an unkempt work environment. 

Here are some of the biggest concerns for your business regarding cleaning and sanitation.

Cold & Flu Season 

Americans everywhere constantly live under the threat of these nasty viruses, whose illnesses can lead to a marked decrease in worker productivity – which is always bad for business. 

The flu can knock out even the most dedicated workers for a week or more, and having a cold certainly makes it hard to get work done as efficiently as possible. Even the common cold can lead to more severe health problems further down the line, which can tank worker productivity. 

Other Viruses & Bacteria

It’s common sense that grimy surroundings breed viruses and bacteria, and viruses and bacteria can very easily make us sick. In a confined office environment or retail store, the sheer number of people who frequent it can only facilitate this growth. 

Customers or employees could bring a new bug into the store or office. Objects also change hands constantly in both types of environments. 

Think about it: How many people handle the community stapler on a daily basis? How many employees touch the workers-only fridge? We won’t even get started on your facility’s public restrooms! 

Hiring a janitorial services company like The Firm can help cut down on viruses and bacteria in your office or retail store. That being said, investing in a versatile commercial cleaning business like The Firm can help to ensure a more thorough degree of sanitation. 

Mold Growth

Though you may think your office or retail store is fine in this respect, not all mold is immediately visible. Since many types of mold require some degree of darkness to grow, it can be very easy for these insidious fungi to create massive health hazards right underneath our noses.

What kind of health hazards? It depends on the individual strain of mold present, but according to the CDC, sensitive people may experience a stuffy nose, coughing or difficulty breathing, and sometimes, skin problems, all upon exposure to moldy environments. The CDC also claims that immunocompromised people and those with lung ailments might experience a more severe reaction. 

Hiring a reputable, knowledgeable commercial cleaning service like The Firm can help stop mold infestations before they even start, keeping your employees and clients safe and healthy.

Worker Stress

Yes, stress! We all know that sitting in a dirty environment day in and day out doesn’t do good things for our brains. It can put us in a negative mindset about our jobs and our workspaces, which can lower work efficiency and contribute to worker stress. 

Your workers are already stressed, so why add to their loads? They’re working hard to provide for their families and themselves in an unstable and sometimes unkind world. Take care of your employees by contacting commercial janitorial services, which regularly deep clean and sanitize your facility. 

You can lighten your workers’ loads, and doing so is as easy as making a phone call. Though a clean working environment isn’t a cure-all for on-the-job anxieties, it certainly could help employees take pride in their companies and their work, which could serve as a helpful ward against the health-sapping effects of stress. 

A commercial cleaning service can help with office or on-the-job stress related to dirty surroundings, and The Firm’s versatile and hardworking team is your best option if you desire a thorough grime-busting.

Worker Productivity

You no doubt care about workers’ emotional well-being for its own sake, of course, but stressed workers are not performing at their best and can begin to feel undervalued if action is not taken on your part, which results in even poorer performance further down the line. 

Don’t take away from your workers’ ability to provide great service. A given employee could have the greatest work ethic you’ve ever seen, but the fact of the matter is that if they are assigned more tasks, they’ll need to complete each additional task quicker in order to make room for everything before they clock out. It’s often simply impossible to do two things at once. 

Your employees already might do everything from stocking shelves to dealing with customers. Make sure everything gets done promptly and to the highest quality as given circumstances allow by hiring periodic deep-cleaning and sanitation services.

Professional Appearance 

Your workers most likely aren’t cleaning professionals. This isn’t to say they aren’t talented in other areas! We’re simply saying that no instructional video or brief training session will give a person the deep cleaning know-how that experience and high-end equipment can. 

Cleaning and sanitation – whether they be commercial floor cleaning, pressure washing services, or something else altogether – are skills, and they’re skills that take time to master and cutting-edge equipment to perform.

When only high-quality cleaning and sanitation will do, call in professional janitorial services – those with the resources and experience required to do the deep cleaning your facility needs.

What to Look for in a Deep Cleaning Company

When it’s time to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to do a deep cleaning and sanitization of your facility, you’re left with the difficult task of choosing the right one for your facility. 

Not all professionals are made equal, and deep sanitation can be quite the investment, especially if you’re in charge of a larger facility, such as a box store or multi-level office. You no doubt want to pick the best fit for the job, but it can be overwhelming sorting through countless deep-cleaning companies that all claim to offer the best service. Plus, there are many benefits to hiring a cleaning service for your business. 

As facility maintenance providers and commercial janitorial services, we have a few tips for hiring the best maintenance services for your unique business.

Comprehensive Services

When you’re looking for a commercial cleaner, versatility matters. Most businesses are composed of a variety of rooms, all of which are used for different purposes and have different concentrations of filth in different locations. Your commercial cleaning company must have the know-how, manpower, and skill set to tackle various sanitization challenges, including sanitizing employee bathrooms

In addition, your commercial cleaning provider should communicate well, be reliable, and have expert cleaning knowledge and experience. The Firm prides itself on professional deep-cleaning and sanitizing services.

Open Communication

Good sanitization is inherently in-depth. It tackles a variety of surfaces and rooms. The company you hire must communicate well to explain all of their services and cleaning processes. Good communication demonstrates that the provider of maintenance services desires a partnership with your business, as well as organizational skills and a devotion to the spirit of service – all desirable qualities that are bound to reflect in the job that they do.

Before the procedure, you deserve a thorough run-down of the plan, as well as an opportunity to ask questions or make objections. You also should never have to play phone tag to get a hold of your cleaning provider, especially in today’s dire circumstances! 

After the sanitization or deep cleaning, communication remains important. You should receive a reminder, either verbally or in writing, of what the company did in your facility, as well as recommendations for upkeep or for when your next appointment should be. 

Reliable Workers 

You deserve the utmost reliability when it comes to your commercial cleaning services. If the provider says their team will show up at a given time, they should show up at that time. 

No late arrivals (extenuating circumstances aside) are acceptable. You should be informed of cancellations well in advance, as well as be given an opportunity to reschedule. 

Offer Expert Cleaning Knowledge & Experience

You pay for expert know-how, for one, and it’s an essential part of a job well done. Secondly, certain cleaning products, when combined, can produce quite a dangerous reaction. 

Hiring knowledgeable staff is not only a matter of getting your money’s worth but also a matter of safety!

Cleaning Services Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Janitorial services are the unsung heroes of industries everywhere. If we didn’t have maintenance services to clean up after uncourteous customers or remove the dusty remnants of a busy day, the world would be a whole lot grimier. Being a janitor is an important job – as important as the service is for your business’s success!

If you’ve been burned by low-quality janitorial services before, you may have already learned this importance firsthand and the hard way. If you haven’t, allow us to enlighten you. At The Firm Facility Services, we’re nationwide providers of only the finest commercial cleaning services, and quality commercial janitorial services are our specialty. 

We all know what can happen to businesses that don’t prioritize cleanliness!

Decrease in Customers

 Who wants to spend time in a carpet-stained store or do business in a dusty office? While your employees may be as on top of things as can be, providing a safe, clean environment is just as important – now more than ever!

Lower Employee Morale

Forget about clients for a moment – how would your employees feel spending eight hours a day in a pigsty?

A Poor Reputation

Your building’s appearance and cleanliness matter to clients and employees alike, and both parties like to write online reviews! What do you want them to say about your space?

Because cleanliness is so important to your business, janitorial services are a no-brainer. By entrusting a professional with this task – especially if you’re working with the seasoned and versatile team at The Firm – you’re demonstrating that you truly care about everyone who interacts with your business, from one-time shoppers to desk workers to top executives. 

Our Facility Maintenance Services Take Your Business Higher

As a professional provider of maintenance services, The Firm Facility Services brings experience and skills to the table that the layperson inherently cannot!

Boost Your Company’s Image 

When you hire The Firm’s nationwide team for expert janitorial services, you’re taking charge of your company’s future and using cleanliness to create good vibes about your brand. 

The best part: there’s no complex marketing plan involved, and no funds are wasted because there’s no trial and error – every demographic enjoys clean surroundings.

The Firm has many industries that we work with, including: 

  • Education

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Financial Services

  • Grocery/C-Store

  • Commercial Property Management 

  • Healthcare and Senior Living

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • Multi-Family and HOAs

Impress Customers When They Walk in the Door 

We know you’re all about customer service, just like we are. That’s why we’re devoted to taking care of your clients like they’re our own. Our team is always put together, energetic, and courteous, and we boast some of the most versatile janitorial services knowledge in the industry. 

While we love our workers and acknowledge their skills, your business will get the credit in the eyes of your customers, so go ahead and reap the benefits of a pristine building!

Give Workers an Environment Where They Can Flourish

Watch your team breathe a little easier and become the vibrant group you know they can be with top-notch janitorial services from The Firm Facility Services. Clean surroundings can boost worker productivity and employee morale.

Plus, you’ll improve your workspace, further boosting worker happiness and productivity.

Need Professional Cleaning Services? Contact The Firm

With our nationwide network of commercial cleaning professionals, The Firm has the insider knowledge and connections needed to create a customized cleaning plan for your facility. We know how hard it is for businesses to stitch together such a plan when facility management and cleaning are industries all unto themselves, so we strive to be your one-stop shop for anything your building needs to function at its prime. 

Our team is glad to help, no matter where you are in the U.S. If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of a top-notch provider of facility maintenance and cleaning services, contact our Minneapolis or Phoenix office online, or give us a call now at 1-833-347-6411.

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