Three Carpet Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Three Carpet Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Carpet is a wildly popular choice for commercial and residential buildings alike—and for good reason. Its cushion and softness instantly cozy up even sleek, modern-style spaces. However, as awesome as carpet is, it can be a pain to clean, as it tends to withhold stains.

Withhold stains it will no more, though, with help from The Firm. In addition to our top-notch commercial carpet cleaning services for your business, we’re also here to provide you with the info you need to fight stains on your own terms below.

Don’t Rub, Just Blot

It’s tempting to go to town with the elbow grease when you want to give something a good cleaning, but this is the exact opposite of what you should do with carpeting—take it from a provider of business carpet cleaning services.  If you’re pre-treating a stain or otherwise wiping it up, rubbing it will only smear it around and make a bigger mess, or worse, grind it further into your carpet!

Instead, use a gentler touch to get rid of as much of the stain as you can before using specialized equipment like a steam cleaner to get rid of the rest. Work your way from the borders of the stain to its center to avoid smudging.

Know Your Enemy

All stains are different and require different concoctions to combat them. What will completely rid your carpet of one stain will only set another one further! Carpeting is the same way; some cleaning products may not be suitable for it.

Though it’s impossible to expect anyone but the commercial cleaning services providers to have a comprehensive knowledge of this topic, it never hurts to familiarize yourself with the common types of stains you might find around your business. For example, blotting an ink stain with alcohol is your best bet, though always test your carpet for colorfastness beforehand. Run-of-the-mill baking soda also can prove quite useful in some situations.

Know When to Call for Commercial Cleaning Services

Even a professional commercial carpet cleaning worker knows when it’s time to consult with the rest of their team—and so should you. Not all stains are removable with easily accessible methods.

If you’re just making the problem worse, don’t keep combing the internet for an answer; stop wasting time, causing yourself stress, and ruining the rest of your carpet. Contact a pro for stain removal and maybe a deep clean while you’re at it.

The Firm: Frontline Facility Maintenance for Your Business

Our national five-star commercial cleaning services encompass everything your building needs to keep in top shape—including carpet cleaning. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 1-833-347-6411.

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