3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Commercial Painter for Your Business
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3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Commercial Painter for Your Business

You know that appearances matter when it comes to your business. That’s why you’re so picky about who you hire for your commercial painting work. Even if the commercial painting contractor won’t be painting anything conventionally complicated – maybe they’re just touching up a pre-existing graphic, for example – every stroke of the brush directly reflects on your business’s brand. Being your painting company is not an honor you’ll give to just anyone!

Unfortunately, in this industry it can be difficult to find the right professional for the job. It takes more than manual skill with a brush or roller to become a work-worthy commercial painter, but what more is often left for professionals to know – and their customers to find out through trial and error.

We at The Firm Facility Services don’t want this to be you. As a nationwide provider of comprehensive commercial painting services, we know how important our work is to your business’ success. You shouldn’t have to pick your commercial painter solely off of a hunch or word-of-mouth, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You should know exactly when a given commercial painter is right for you.

Let’s talk about how to know when a potential painting partnership should turn into a real one.

Sign #1: The Commercial Painting Company Asks Questions

Your business is an individual, and it’s a painting company’s job to get to the bottom of what makes it so as it pertains to their work. In plainer words: Your painting company should ask plenty of questions to outline in no uncertain terms what you need done. They can’t satisfy your needs if they don’t know what those needs are!

A painting company that asks questions is the right fit for you because:

●        They’re demonstrating their experience. Questions don’t mean the painter has no idea what they’re doing. To the contrary, it shows they know exactly what they’re doing: figuring out how to best serve your individual needs.

●        They’re more likely to do great work. What great means is subjective to everyone, even the commercial painter themselves. By asking questions, the commercial painter is discovering your business’s personal definition of the word and adjusting their work methods to fit it.

●        They’re probably able to tackle unique problems in novel ways. When a commercial painter asks questions, they demonstrate an ability to question industry assumptions and preconceived norms – quite the handy skill if they were to run into unexpected issues on the job.

An inquisitive painting company demonstrates sharp wit, a personalized business model, and their large amount of industry experience. No wonder they’d make a great fit for your business!

Sign #2: You Feel at Ease Around the Commercial Painter

While, like we said above, intuition shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all, it still serves a role in picking a commercial painter – or any facility maintenance pro, for that matter. You know, in a broad sense, what your business needs, and you deserve the kind of friendly service that will make satisfying it a breeze. That’s what you pay the commercial painter for!

If you don’t feel right around a given commercial painter, chances are your employees and customers won’t, either. While it of course isn’t the painting company’s place to entertain clients or sidetrack your employees, their very presence, if unnerving, can set a whole building on edge, which doesn’t make for a great workspace or client experience.

In short, for your own sake and for the sake of anyone who interacts with your business, trust your gut when it comes to your commercial painter. You know what’s best for your facility.

Sign #3: The Painting Company Has Ample Certification

Titles in this industry are more than just lip service. They demonstrate a drive to go above and beyond, to further one’s knowledge of the trade in order to provide better service. The more pertinent certifications a painting company has in its name, the more steps they’ve taken to provide the pinnacle of excellence to their clientele.

Don’t be afraid to ask about certifications and what they mean during your consultation with a given provider of painting services. It’s not rude in the slightest! If the representative obliges with a grand list, you know that they truly care about the work that they do, and that makes them a great fit for your needs.

Contact The Firm Facility Services Today for Top-Notch Commercial Painting Services

We know what makes a great fit for commercial painters and clients alike, because we’ve seen it for ourselves more times than we can count. With our personalized, friendly service and variety of certifications to our name, our nationwide team of commercial painters is the perfect one to tackle your next project – but we’ll let our maintenance services reviews speak for themselves! Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 1-833-347-6411.

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